Read about our clients’ experiences of CYC

I’ve found CYC to be so helpful in the rehabilitation of my dog. It’s a great resource and allows me to check my understanding of the exercises for Harley, to ensure I’m doing them correctly. It’s easy to use as well as being great for checking my understanding.

Kim & Harley

My 10-year-old staffy x Tilly has been having rehab for over 3 years now. A new addition to her care is that I now access her home exercise programme via CYC. Her exercises help to fire up her muscles, improve her body awareness and strengthen her hindlimbs. All the exercises are easy to do and not time consuming at all. I have to say, she’s quite an expert now and can stand squarely and stronger for longer!

Nicky & Tilly

Scrappy was referred for rehab therapy after having a spinal stroke (FCE). He also has patella luxation, instability in his hock joints and signs of arthritic change in his forelimbs. My therapist suggested that we combine Scrappy’s rehab with CYC exercises at home, which he has carried out really well and I see an improvement in his general movement and mind set. He is playful and enthusiastic to go for walks now, not weary and tired. I know that Scrappy’s conditions cannot be cured but rehab therapy and CYC have given Scrappy much better mobility and I have a happy dog which make me a happy owner!

Caron & Scrappy

Conditioning Your Canine is nothing short of genius. It gives me 24 hours access to EACH dog’s personal conditioning and proprioception programmes that my therapist has given us. The videos are clearly demonstrated.
CYC is an invaluable resource to keeping my girlies in the best shape.

Nicky, Tri, Tootz & Uber

Conditioning Your Canine has been a huge help with both of my dogs. Having professional guidance tailored for each dog in an accessible format.
The videos for each exercise clearly explain the benefits, how to train and are easy to understand.
The exercise videos have progressions and my dog’s plans are reviewed and updated regularly so they keep gaining condition and improving.

Annika, Poppy & Rossi

CYC is a great tool and is streets ahead of another that I used following extensive specialist veterinary treatment for my dog. Each exercise is not only superbly demonstrated but there are tips to help you along the way and best of all it shows what to do if you and your dog are struggling with an exercise – it shows it going wrong! Just brilliant! Being able to watch the videos, pause and retrack gives you time to absorb the information and the confidence to carry out the exercises, plus the individually tailored notes to go with each exercise is so helpful.
When your dog is in recovery, it can be extremely daunting, the fear of getting it wrong and the consequences can get in the way, this is such a great supportive tool. It’s a great common base to discuss problems over the phone with your therapist.

Sue, Puzzle & Riddle

Conditioning Your Canine is brilliant for referring to when you need to do rehabilitation exercises with your dog. It is sometimes a lot to take in at the time of treatment but this way I don’t have to worry about remembering it all. Your exercise programme is tailored to your dog’s needs and it’s great to have visuals of how each exercise should be performed. The notes are really handy for knowing how many reps of each exercise to do and how often! It’s also interesting to see what muscle groups are used from sometimes such a tiny movement.

Amy & Elsa

When I initially went for therapy my therapist used to run through exercises in the treatment room and this was great until a week later, I’d forget which leg had to be where! So, when my therapist introduced CYC and all my exercises where on there, it was great as after my therapist had discussed the exercises with me, they are put on each individual exercise programme and I can go back and view them as often as I want to, to check I am doing it correctly. The videos are easy to pause on the parts that have written training tips. Each exercise is explained in a diagram showing which body parts are being worked and what equipment you need. The videos show in detail where the dog should be during the exercise and it is also helpful as it shows the handler and where they should be too. Also, the videos show what to do if the dog does something different than expected and how to progress the exercise as some need to be learnt in stages.

Catherine, Rupert & Ziva

Conditioning Your Canine is also available for therapists to use with their own clients. 

Here is what our therapists say about using CYC.

I am absolutely thrilled with the content, you have produced a remarkable and very usable package. Well done!!!  
I most certainly will promote this to my canine massage therapy students and to the qualified therapists alike. Such a beneficial tool.  I was actually looking at CPD like this but couldn’t find anything to fully meet my needs to compliment our training programme. Now we have it!
Angela Hall BSc (Hons), F.I.S.A.P, MIRVAP(MT)

Director, Lecturer, International Animal Musculoskeletal Specialist ISAP, IRVAP, IEP

The Conditioning Your Canine exercise platform has transformed the way I give home exercise programs to my clients. It’s easy to use with tailored programs that clients can access anywhere at anytime even on their phones!
Not only has it increased compliance with therapeutic programs but it has significantly increased the owners ability to complete the exercises with their dogs with the correct technique! It’s an all in one canine exercise platform from therapists you can trust!
Felicity Parris BSc (Hons), Mcsp, PgDip, (VetPhysio) ACPAT CAT A

Conditioning Your Canine provides me with lots of inspiration when it comes to home exercise plans as there are a huge range of exercises to choose from for different cases. I love that you are able to personalise plans to make them appropriate for current goals as well as providing a bespoke experience for each client. The exercise videos have been invaluable to clients to refer back to between sessions to check they are doing it correctly and understand how/why these help their dog. Highly recommend!

Nickie Percival BSc(Hons), PGDip, MNAVP

Veterinary Physiotherapist