Personalised Progressive Conditioning Exercises for Your Dog

Welcome to Conditioning Your Canine, a series of personalised, progressive conditioning exercises for your dog. Your therapist will assess your dog and recommend specific exercises. This platform, in conjunction with The Foundations document, will guide you through each exercise with videos, demonstrating how to train your dog in the fundamental skills required to ensure full and safe efficacy of the programme.

Each exercise has been selected for its relevance to canine functional movement, with a series of progressions to allow you and your dog to advance. These conditioning exercises can be used to promote recovery post injury or surgery, to improve posture and body awareness, and to promote correct and functional movement patterns. All dogs can benefit from these exercises, including those dealing with chronic conditions such as arthritis, or those competing in demanding canine sports such as agility, flyball or service dog work.

CYC is proud to be associated with Canine Arthritis Management