As a canine therapist, we know your time is precious and is best spent working with your owners and their dogs. For that reason, we have designed the Conditioning Your Canine Platform to be as user-friendly as possible.

Your subscription gives you access not only to the large array of exercise videos (over 80 and growing!) but also to other resources, designed to make your life as a canine therapist easier!

One of these resources is the Therapist Exercise Map. This map details every exercise available on the CYC platform, organised in levels of progression. Each exercise is described briefly in the map, and the equipment required is listed. Exercises that can be done without equipment are clearly marked. The exercises are also numbered, which means you can find them quickly on the platform.

The exercise map is available on your bespoke log-in, and opens in a separate window, so it is always to hand when you are creating exercise programmes for your clients. It is also printable!